Escape game EXODUS

Company: Lost SG

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Enslaved and oppressed with forced labor, life as an Israelite in Egypt was tough and difficult. Often beaten up and yelled at, it was not long before the Israelites lost all hope and fell into despair.On a scorching afternoon, a mysterious stranger came to town. An Israelite by birth, he demanded the Pharaoh to release his people from slavery. That moment changed the fate of the Israelites. It took long before the Pharaoh relented. And on that fateful night, they followed him as the new leader and made their way out of Egypt; hearts filled with hope and joy. Regretting his decision shortly, the Pharaoh made his chariot ready and took an army with him to give chase. THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM HAS BEEN LONG AND HARD, CAN THEY ESCAPE THE CLUTCHES OF THE PHARAOH?