Escape game Prison Break

Company: Roomraider

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+65 6636 8470

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The Raider State Penitentiary (RSP) is considered to be one of the most escape-proof prisons ever built. Constructed using an extensive system of advanced security networks and sophisticated technology, it was built to banish the most dangerous criminals from the outside world forever.You are a spy for the Raider Intelligence Agency (RIA). One of your trusted comrades has double-crossed you and your team. All of you have been arrested and are now being held captive inside separate cells of the Raider State Penitentiary.Suddenly, there is a blackout. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. You have 45 minutes to escape before the power supply returns, and before the security guards discover your disappearance.You must co-operate and communicate with one another to find a way out of your cells, retrieve your gadgets, and utilize them to escape from this torturous dungeon.Do you have what it takes to break out from this prison alive? Are you able to seek justice for yourself and your team?

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