Escape room "The Haunting"

Company: Unravel

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.8 (4 reviews)
6802 2514 Bugis CUBE, 470 North Bridge Road #05-20 Singapore 188735
The call from Kai’s old friend came suddenly. James, a property developer, has recently made the news for plans to redevelop a defunct hospital into a premium condominium. The abandoned hospital has a reputation for being a hangout for cults and rumour has it that sacrificial rituals were held on the premises. To Kai, James reveals a chilling secret: the group of colleagues sent there for a site survey never returned. With his company’s reputation on the line, James pleads for Kai to investigate the matter before the media jumps to unsavoury conclusions. As Kai races against time to locate James’s missing colleagues, he uncovers a truth more frightening than rumours suggest.

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Reviews of escape game "The Haunting"

  • We're escape game regulars (though not exactly smart) and played "the haunting" room in our first visit to Unravel. For a room rated 4 stars which supposed to be a intermediate level it's slightly easier than expected. About half of the puzzles are rather straightforward. Please do not continue reading as it might contain some spoiler. A little bit of comment will be one technology puzzle requires some unhygienic action which our team did not quite comfortable about - we thought of the idea to solve this part but did not do it until we ask for help and was told that we really have to do this. The other one requires some minimal basic musical background but i guess the mechanism is not sensitive enough that we actually tried for almost 10 times with various speed to get it worked. Plus if none of the team member read any music you might waste some time there and will need to ask for help. The haunted picture was freaky but brought some novelty to the set up. The decoration is kind of rough but the atmosphere was indeed scary which is great. I personally think that it's unfair for lots of people here to comment that the technology of unravel is not as good as Lost. Unravel is definitely worth a try but I do worry that some of the comments here says that some mechanism doesn't work. Hope it has been fix and it'll be a good experience when we visit the 2nd time!


  • We played The Haunting and is very impression with the setting. The staff on duty were really friendly, we booked the other room initially and decided to change at the point of arrival. They were really nice to set up the room for us to play instead of saying that we have to play the original room. When we were asking for clues, they were also patient and polite in answering us. The puzzle for that room were also interesting to solve. Overall, it is good experience and we strongly recommend this place!


  • I went to 3 escape rooms in Singapore and Unravel is by far the best! The staff were friendly and helpful, the puzzles were fun to solve and the rooms and props were so realistic! It was so fun that we played one room and loved it so much that we booked another one immediately! The other 2 I've been to pale in comparison. Good job guys!

    Mich A

  • We had 12h transfer time in Singapur and we decided to do the Hunting game. It was very cool, one of the best we have ever done till now (and we have done many). You get one hour which is actually 15 min more than usually. Next time we come to Singapur we'll do an other one.