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Escape Rooms are an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time to escape the room! Escape rooms are a new popular type of entertainment. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

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  • Escape game: Kellar's Magic Emporium
    Hi! We're the duo who came for FBI and Kellar back-to-back on a Sat afternoon, and Elixir late ome Fri night. Most enjoyable puzzles ever. They are of perfect difficulty - not too easy, not too tough - and there are a lot more of these puzzles than most other rooms we've tried in SG. Keep each puzzle's difficulty the same, increase the number of puzzles to make a room more challenging. Best selection of locks and puzzle boxes, great use of props for the puzzles as well. Lots of well disguised props that look real, and a need to reach for high objects, shift things about, pour water etc, anything that entails more demanding physical movement. We don't take horror themes too well, mystery thriller themes are still fine, no jump scares please. So far, we've enjoyed these 3 rooms thoroughly, the puzzles were really well thought out. Hope this helps, feel free to let us know if you need more comments, so far we've played all of the rooms (except a select few for obvious reasons) from Xcape, Lost, FreeingSG, Breakout, Exit Plan, Trapped, Encounter, The Escape Artist, Lockdown, Unravel, Escape Hunt and the mass escape ones by Real Escape Game and Nomis Piy. We feel that the rooms at Captivate come close to being the most enjoyable series we've participated in, as a duo (we rarely attempt rooms in a group), keep it up! :)

    Lionel Lim

  • Escape game: Kellar's Magic Emporium
    Very nice game! Definitely a place for team bonding and fun!

    Isaiah Kuan

  • Escape game: Kellar's Magic Emporium
    Fascinating!!! Very intriguing!!!

    Douglas Hollis

  • Escape game: Kellar's Magic Emporium
    It was kinda of a mini class reunion for us and I wanted to see if we could still work together as a group! We had lunch nearby, so I chose to try out the escape rooms at Captivate. Since all of us were new to escape rooms, we opted for Kellar's Magic Emporium which was suitable for beginners. The puzzles were logical but it took us noobs a while to get used to the flow of things. We had way too much fun trying to solve the puzzles, and holding back from waving for hints. The decor in the room was in keeping with the theme, so we struggled a little with the little unexpected twists. We managed to break out of the room eventually with the friendly game-master coming to our rescue about 3-4 times. It was all great fun and we will be back!!

    Angela Pang

  • Escape game: Kellar's Magic Emporium
    Had an great time in Keller's Magic Emporium. The rooms were spacious and can comfortably accommodate larger teams (but we went as a duo). The puzzles were clear and well-thought out. I appreciate that they didn't require quantum leaps of creative logic, unlike some of the newer rooms around that may try a bit too hard to be clever. The games masters are friendly folk, and I understand you can get unlimited hints if you need them. Overall, a decent night out. Do give them a try :)

    Angie Toh

  • Escape game: Labyrinth: Dead men walking
    It was personalised (they can place a gift on your behalf), they are friendly, professional, child friendly and everyone just had fun. Definitely a place to go back again and revisit! My 11 year old had a blast, thank you well worth every moment. Highly recommended Visited December 2015