Escape room "Hyperion"

Company: Roomraider

45 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)
+65 6636 8470 181 Orchard Road #05-45 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
The year – 2084. Earth’s space exploration and defence now stretches out wide into the galaxy.Moon Base Hyperion, 5 light years away from Earth, holds an important discovery. Energon, the most powerful energy source anyone has ever seen.Hyperion is now under attack from the Altarians, an aggressive alien race bent on galaxy domination. The Altarians are after the Energon. It would spell doom for planet earth if they Altarians captured the Energon and turned it into a weapon.Communications links with Hyperion have been lost. Last communications reported heavy damage sustained to the base’s defence shields.Your team is part of the International Space Defence Alliance’s elite Space Ranger Force. Your mission – to evacuate the Energon and detonate Moon Base Hyperion to prevent enemy capture.The fate of earth hangs in the balance. Are you worthy?

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Reviews of escape game "Hyperion"

  • Yesterday we tried Hyperion. Total disappointment. They have multiple games at once, but they are all cramped together in small rooms that are right next to each other with fabric ceilings, so we could hear the games going on next to us. "Try 4138! Try 4138!". The game suggests up to 8 people, which is insane, especially considering that we only ever had one puzzle to work on at any time. Also, the game is very dark, to the point that we had trouble opening combination locks that we knew the combination to because we couldn't read the numbers. And finally, one of the puzzles in the game was broken (it had fallen off the wall, giving up it's secrets before even before we entered the room). We couldn't figure out what it was until someone came in to help us and needed to fix it, it fell off the wall again by itself two more times while we worked on our escape. With all the excellent escape games in Asia, this is a "do not recommend"

    David Ljung Madison

  • Absolutely a fun and exciting experience! A great alternative to spend your weekend well with your family and friends. Will definitely come back for their new game that has just been launched

    Jolene Lyj