Escape room "THE FINAL ESCAPE"

Company: Lock Down

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (1 review)
+65 6222 6100 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
You regain consciousness and found out that you are chained to the ground in a filthy room. Lured by quick money, you and your classmates signed up for a clinical study trial, only to realize that you’ve been drugged and trapped by a psycho maniac. You must now complete his perverse puzzles to live, like mice in an experiment. Will you escape alone? This is not a normal escape game, but your very own VARIETY GAME show brought to you exclusively by the Lockdown team. Come together with your friends and families to experience the new breakthrough in escape games! Warning! Players need to be at least 140cm tall. The Final Escape contains certain shock elements and is not suitable for players with heart conditions, high blood pressure or expectant mothers.

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Reviews of escape game "THE FINAL ESCAPE"

  • Unlike many typical bookings where you have to make payment online in advance, LockDown allows you to make payment on the day itself with is really convenient:) Their escape room's story plot are definitely amazing which gets you absorbed. They also have unlimited calls for help when in need of clues where their staff patiently give you hints! My friends and i did not manage to escape within the given 1 hour but the staff asked if we would want extra 5-10mins, with that we eventually got out! We realised we took 20mins more but the staff did not chase us out since there was no one in queue for the next slot:) Their staff were really friendly! The set-ups and background music inflicted fear in me which goes to show how good their set-ups is:) Lockdown definitely is a good and affordable choice of escape room to visit with your friends!