Escape room "From Russia With Love"

Company: Freeing SG

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.3 (3 reviews)
+65 6737 7888 2 Handy Road
“Amongst you, there is someone who knows nothing about his birth and antecedents. Today, your past shall be revealed.” This is the first time you and your friends are travelling to a foreign and mysterious country, visiting Russia for the first time ever.While touring the streets of Moscow, a peculiar wisp of smoke knocked out you and your friends. As you regain consciousness, you found yourself locked up in a strange room. Have you been kidnapped? What is going on?! Unravel the secrets of the Tree of Locks, and decipher the clues from the mural to locate the escape route! The scattered pieces of stained glass on the floor holds the secrets to the truths about your past, and the one and only key to escape this room!

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Reviews of escape game "From Russia With Love"

  • Thrilling experience with challenging puzzles! Totally unforgettable! The service was great as well!


  • Got a deal from Groupon so I paid only 19$ per person. Each room challenges you to think and find the way to escape like you are in the internet game. Me and my friends have a good experience there ;)) would like to play another room if we have a chance to go to singapore again.


  • We played Russian with love 2 months ago and found this room have interesting set ups and puzzles. Fun enough to keep us engaged and still managed to work our brain out. 2nd time we booked the ninja theme room but was told that there's technical problem with the room when we arrived so we couldn't play that room. We were offered other rooms but decided to play elsewhere instead. Although the staff did try to call me an hour before to inform me, i missed the call ONCE and didnt call back as i thought it's probably just a reminder. If they could try to call me a few more times i would have call back as it seems urgent. Went 3rd time yesterday and tried the spaceship galactic survival. So many technical glitches that it totally destroyed our mood to played and wasted lots of times. The main screen video is too long (almost 3 mins?) since we only have 45mins for the game and not exactly fun to watch anyway. Some puzzles are repeated or random. Should have read the review here before choosing the room. Will not come back again.