Escape room "THE HOSPITAL"

Company: Encounter

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (1 review)
+65 67471210 454 Geylang Rd
What happened to Mrs Fong and her daughters? What will be revealed in The Hospital?

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Reviews of escape game "THE HOSPITAL"

  • Very interesting concept! Visited The Hospital theme today after we had completed The Apartment previously and was abit disappointed as The Apartment was just tooooo good! The Apartment is interesting and good because of the "surprising" event that's happening during the game! (those events that make you goosebumps randomly) While The Hospital is much more spacious, The Apartment, in it's small area, have got the top prize for me! It's just that good! The Hospital, though not as great as The Apartment, was great too, but as we played The Apartment before, I will say The Hospital is 1 class lower then The Apartment! Will love to see more of The Apartment type of spooky experience more in your next project! Keep it out and keep the surprises coming!