Escape room "Vampire Diary (Season 2)"

Company: Xcape

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.5 (2 reviews)
6337 4905 Bugis Village, 152B (level 3), 160A (level 2) & 158B (level 3) Rochor Road, S188435
In order to return a favor to Salvatore, Dr. Hachi has assigned you the mission to penetrate the place that is rumored to be Dracula’s castle. By “cooperating” with the supernatural creatures, you could overcome the perilous traps and hurdles to retrieve the one and only cure for the supernatural beings to become “normal”. The story of immortal being, blood thirsty soul, and the curse of darkness, may be more than just an ancient legend……Sometimes the closest friends may hurt you the most.

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Reviews of escape game "Vampire Diary (Season 2)"

  • I think I'm frog in well. I'm like wow-OMG throughout game. Games are intricately designed. Price is abit expensive for frequent plays but I guess it's still worth going with friebds! Love it!

    Yvonne Lian

  • "I played vampire diaries with my 3 other friends on 12 dec. Great fun! I think the staff know their stuff and friendly. Good job!"

    Seow Whei Jie