Escape room "Kungfu Panda X - The Return of Tai Lung (Xcape Funtasy)"

Company: Xcape

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
6337 4905 Bugis Village, 152B (level 3), 160A (level 2) & 158B (level 3) Rochor Road, S188435
After 50 years, Tai Lung had returned to the Valley of Peace, stronger than ever, seeking revenge and to claim the scroll of Wuxi Finger Hold! As Master Shifu, Po and the Furious 5 were out fighting evils, Po Juniors were defenseless and had been locked away in the kitchen. There’s no time to waste! Po Juniors must quickly free themselves and stop Tai Lung from stealing “Wuxi Finger Hold”…

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Reviews of escape game "Kungfu Panda X - The Return of Tai Lung (Xcape Funtasy)"

  • Awesome place to hv fun with ur family and friends! Overall, I had a great experience and would definitely come and try out the other games!!!

    Amanda Low

  • I have been enjoying the games at Xcape, and finally its here! Game rooms that are friendly for family with children. Though we expected more, it was pretty amazing, great fun factor! Design of room is simply amazing. As most of the room has fear factor, we are really looking forward for more kid friendly games. Kungfu Panda is definitely the one game your should try. PS. With a team of children and elderly Visited December 2015

    David Adino Wong