Escape room "Inception (Season 1)"

Company: Xcape

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  6338 4451
  Bugis Village, 152B (level 3), 160A (level 2) & 158B (level 3) Rochor Road, S188435

The President is afraid and going to succumb to "the Company". The only way to make him strong is to access his mind and plant the idea that he can count on Dr. Hachi to defeat "the Company". However, the President was trained to defend its subconscious from invasion. If you cannot complete the mission and wake up from both dream levels within an hour, you will be trapped in the limbo state!

Reviews on escape game "Inception (Season 1)"

  • Thanks for hosting our event. Your staff was great! The chairs and the lockers were well-thought. We almost forgot to take a group photo and you staff reminded us.

    Huang Jingfeng

  • Hello. My team had fun! The game ideas were creative & good. Many find it a game that creates good bonding between one another! It was an exciting bonding session for the team. Thank you Xcape Singapore!"

    Sandy Tan