Escape room "The Missing"

Company: Unravel

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
6802 2514 Bugis CUBE, 470 North Bridge Road #05-20 Singapore 188735
Four young children have gone missing. They were last seen having a game of hide-and-seek by the Dragon playground. Local authorities come up short of leads, and investigations reach a dead end. Haunted by kidnappings of the past that included the urban legend of a dog-headed culprit, desperate parents engage Kai to break the deadlock. The clues are mind-boggling. Curious objects left behind at the playground. Contradicting witness accounts. Anxious parents seeking answers. For Kai, time is ticking—a simple case of abduction soon reveals more sinister forces at play.

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Reviews of escape game "The Missing"

  • We were wowed by their service and experience right from the go. "Kai" replied our emails (we communicated with Kai the detective!), and helped us arrange for 4 consecutive games on their end. When we arrived, all the friendly members of the staff were aware that we had back-to-back games. On the games, there were excellent puzzles which are mostly logical. We liked it that they're multi-dimensional and requires various aspects of observation and problem solving, and not so direct as other places (where we enter a room to solve one puzzle to move on to the next room) - at Unravel, few puzzles and clues are within the same room and you have to piece the relevant ones together. There was also a good mix of traditional and hi-tech key and lock systems. And needless to stay, the local flavour was strong! At the end of the games, the staff would ask if there were any puzzles we were unsure of and wanted to seek clarification. And since we played all their games, we even had a discussion with the staff on which were the areas that had gone well, and the areas which could be improved on. Very receptive and humble people. We left the venue feeling great!

    Si M

  • Best Escape Room in Singapore. Definitely better than Xcape, as the service is much more better. Unlimited clues, though this is for the company to make the players to finish the game faster to reset the room but definitely, it is helpful to us too. Will visit again few months later. Highly recommended to others!


  • Two of us did the Missing room and we didn't have enough time to escape. The concept is really good with some local storyline behind. There are two small puzzles which I think are not so logical or relevant but overall a good experience. Will definitely visit again next time to Singapore...with at least 4-5 people.

    Henry H