Escape room "Hansel and Gretel - Witches"

Company: Trapped

60 min.
Average Rating: 3.0 (3 reviews)
+65-66369722 Kampung Glam Shop Houses, 42 Kandahar Street, S198896 (Near Arab St)
All the towns witches have been hunted down and vanquished. The town of Augsburg is now a peaceful village, with birds chirping, sun shining and kids playing in the forest again. You meet with Hansel and Gretel to find out more about their adventure of hunting the witches. Hansel and Gretel then show you the ever so colourful, bright and oh so delicious gingerbread house. As you explore the house more, you feel that something is amiss. Something just doesn’t feel right. And as you try to leave, the doors seems to be locked. You cant possibly eat your way out of the house, there’s just too much candy and it may take years. Then suddenly you hear a noise in the next room. Maybe, just maybe, there’s someone in the next room who can help you to escape… This theme room is suitable for all ages but there maybe scary props and mysteries to solve.

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Reviews of escape game "Hansel and Gretel - Witches"

  • My first escape room was in hansel & gretel and i thoroughly enjoyed it but partly i believe its due to the friends i was with. Enjoyed the puzzles and the design of hansel & gretel is true to how you'd imagine it to be. The puzzle in the last room was quite challenging and the room was eerie. 2nd experience in the hunger games, didnt really enjoy the room because there was really much clues in the first room and we got stuck for a really long time. There was a lock with chinese characters and for someone who doesnt read chinese, it got frustrating with the lock. The last room left us with a ???. Anti-climax. With that being said, i still look forward to the other rooms this outlet will come up with soon.


  • We were two people, and we tried both rooms that we could play with just 2 pax. The rooms were small, dark and had too high volume on the "background" music. The stories and the puzzle was inconsistent, and there was uncommon locks that didn't have any explanation on how to use. One room didn't give us anything to write on, and one lock consisted of 10 codes - which is impossible to remember in your head if you are a normal human being. The phone we could use for help also ran out of battery in one game.


  • My friend and I are computer game lovers and we expected to have much fun playing in a real situation. We were shocked entering a corridor decorated quite cheap and poor. One of the boxes we had to open using a special code didn`t work and the young lady from the staff couldn`t open it either, so she had to take it away and open it with a knife or something.We lost interest! I felt like if I attend a usual animated party.