Escape room "World War 3 (Zombie Edition)"

Company: Trapped

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
+65-66369722 Kampung Glam Shop Houses, 42 Kandahar Street, S198896 (Near Arab St)
The World is at war with the Zombies. As you and your friends seek shelter in an abandoned building, you realized that you are not alone. You have 60mins to solve the mysteries and escape within 60mins before you too join the ranks of the undead. This theme room is suitable for all ages but there maybe scary props and mysteries to solve.

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Reviews of escape game "World War 3 (Zombie Edition)"

  • Friendly and welcoming staff, new and well designed room (trapped in hostel), we had great fun playing! Would recommend adding one to two more puzzle(s) to make it more challenging though. Will be back for more games!


  • Would recommend advance booking on their website before you go. It is almost fully booked on a daily basis when we tried to book this online. You dont want to go and get disappointed of waiting for available slot thinking there will be a slot available if you just do a walk in. I think this is the most popular escape room in singapore looking at how fully booked they are daily. The game is definitely awesome and will really get your brain cracking the moment you stepped in. Price is also comparatively lower compare to the other escape rooms that we have been to.

    Tabby K