Escape room "Paradox of Time"

Company: The Escape Artist

50 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
6463 6690 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road,Singapore 588179
Following the events of Paradox of Time, you return from the past only to realise that nothing has changed! The devastating effects of the Paradox Project still persists. Upon further investigation, your team discovers that the blueprint was not one that you know of; the plans had been altered, resulting in the widespread destruction. Once again, you head back to the past, this time to find out who was the mastermind behind the altering of the blueprint and ultimately, who was the one who sabotaged the project. With only the blueprint in hand, will you be able to rectify the mistakes of your predecessors? Only time will tell...

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Reviews of escape game "Paradox of Time"

  • Definitely a must try! Went to the Bukit Timah Branch, with no expectations whatsoever. The staff was really friendly and even extended our time limit because we were one of the last groups there. Had an awesome time and it was one of the hardest games I've tried so far. We obviously didnt make it within the time limit but my friends and I will be making another trip down soon! Wholeheartedly recommend their rooms! best experience so far

    Lorna Yeo

  • Most friendly staff ever and I do think they really take pride in their games/rooms. When time exceeded they are more than willing to let us continue when there was no one after us. 3rd visit this year with my family. Enjoyed the staff's genuine interest in encouraging and helping us. The Escape Artist is WAY BETTER and than all the other escape room games I have done. - hope that they will create new games for the new year so that we can play again!

    Noelle Teh