Escape room "Injustice: Liberation"

Company: The Escape Artist

50 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  6883 1540
  52A Prinsep St Singapore 188683

Your friends have been wrongly accused and locked up in a high security prison, notorious for their crude executions and more recently, arrest without trial. Seeking the help of a former escapee, you will have to infiltrate the prison, while your friends have to figure out a way out of the cell themselves. The prison guards rotate shifts on a 50 minute roster, and that is all the time you have! Note: This room requires your team to split up at the beginning.

Reviews on escape game "Injustice: Liberation"

  • Love the puzzles! Can't wait to try the new rooms when they are done!

    Zeng Jiahui

  • Great experience. Refreshing entertainment. Helpful and friendly staff. Especially liked the props provided for group phototaking at the end of the session! Highly reccomended. Great job T.E.A.!!!

    Redzza Rahman