Escape room "Forsaken Vault"

Company: The Escape Artist

50 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
6883 1540 52A Prinsep St Singapore 188683
You’re out with your friends when you overhear an archaeologist talking about the location of a dungeon, said to have once belonged to Baron Richard Percy. Legend tells of the many treasures that would belong to anyone brave enough to enter and find the last clue left by the mad Baron. You decide to take action before the archaeologist’s team, and as you arrive at the dungeon, you are greeted by two pathways leading east and west. With the archaeologist’s team hot on your heels, what adventures await you as you explore The Forsaken Vault?

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Reviews of escape game "Forsaken Vault"

  • The staff here is so awesome that made our previous group outing to Xcape pale in comparison. Will be back again!

    Shuzhen Yang

  • Very innovative game. Everyone should try this as it is a very addicting room escape experience.

    Wee Liang Hong

  • Dimension Z, A Wonderfool Dream, Secrets of Da Vinci, The Lost Treasure, Quarantined: The Final Hour, Paradox of Time, Paradox of Time: Subversion, Jack the Ripper, Injustice: Liberation, The Forsaken Vault, Madness of the Vault, Triple Nine Sleuths: Dangerous Secrets Having played these, The Escape Artist makes me hungry for more... Great chambers, neat room, brilliant technology and logical puzzles. (downside is tedious puzzles) Will come back for my last room - The Beginning: After Dark 2

    Tan Caleb